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  • Projects

    • free online presence
    • document your experience collaboratively (wiki-principle)
    • share your experience
    • connect with and learn from your peers
    • connect with other stakeholders supporting community-led housing
    • connect with housing professionals
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  • Federations & umbrella organizations

    • connect with your members and allies
    • collect information time-efficiently
    • display data and stories related to your work directly on your website (API)
    • reach a global audience
    • foster collaboration between your members
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  • Private sector

    • showcase your work
    • connect to potential clients
    • understand your clients and allies' needs
    • explore other actors in the sector and share experiences
    • display the data collected directly on your own website (API)
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  • Public sector

    • connect with citizens in your area and learn about their housing needs and projects
    • access an extensive database to inform and design policies
    • share your experiences with a wide audience
    • display data available on on your own website or databases (API)
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  • Research

    • interact with co-housing communities
    • gain a large scale, or even a global, perspective
    • analyse big data through the API
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The Co-Habitat Network is a global initiative launched in 2014 by urbaMonde - a non-governmental organisation based in Switzerland and France - in collaboration with community-led housing allies from across the world.

Co-Habitat is a space for the partners and allies to expand community-led housing by:

  • Exchanging knowledge and experiences through peer-to-peer learning;
  • Having a unified voice, and connecting to broader housing-rights and right to the city campaigns to shape the global agenda;
  • Producing and collecting community-managed data and information to demonstrate the successes and potential of community-led housing.

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