Victory in Rio de Janeiro: CLT are now in the Master Plan!


News from CatComm - A victory of popular mobilisation

In recent months CatComm have joined its voice to echo the struggle for the reinclusion of the Community Land Trust in the Rio de Janeiro Master Plan. The participation and popular manifestations of civil society in the public hearings were significant, engaging its campaign, signing and sharing its petition, all with the same strength and the same cry!

And, as proof of the strength of community mobilisation, a major victory was recently achieved : the Executive has listened to the communities and the Town Hall, which at the end of last year withdrew the CLT from the Master Plan Bill, has decided to go back and respect the law - this innovative tool for ensuring community sustainability, community development and a dignified life in the city of Rio de Janeiro!

But there is still a long way to go: the reintegration of the CLT into the Master Plan has been accompanied by significant changes that make the model more difficult to implement and have altered some of its most fundamental principles. Faced with this, CatComm and its allies are fighting to have the changes reversed and for MPs to approve the CLT in the Master Plan in its essence.

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Master Plan Public Hearing at the Rio de Janeiro City Council Chambers on April 5, 2023